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Pulta Pro Watchface

1.41 usd

The app can connect your car to your watches (not phones/tablets!) via Bluetooth OBDII adapter directly without needing any phone/tablet.It's interactive. It's connected. It's configurable.First, please check your smartwatch by using the free version of the app named Pulta the OBDII Watchface (get it for free on the Google Play).
Do pairing your watch (not a phone!) with the OBDII Bluetooth. After that the app will search devices having "OBD" as the first letters.
Watch part displays:- Time,- Moon phase,- Day of month,- Day of week,- Hour of day.
OBDII part currently shows:- Voltage- RPM- Temperature- Speed- Boost- Load
Warning. Please don't drive while working with the app.
Note: The app is intended for smartwatches only and not for phones/tablets.In rare cases the app may reload the face while changing the colors configuration, hope it's not so big issue.